Saturday, May 5, 2007


I finally started yesterday. I first tried it on the size 3 but it wasn't coming out with a fabric I liked. So I switched to the four and it's much better. I am doing my first one in the teal color and looove how it's going. This first stitch pattern is so easy and I memorized it very quickly, which makes this go a lot faster. I am probably five repeats in, I can never keep track of that, I'll just count my stitches later on when I'm closer. The bigger this gets the more I love it.

Here is my progress from last night: And my progress as of right now:I also found a tiny crochet hook on ebay pretty cheap so it should be here in a few days and I'll be able to do my beads!

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Frieda said...

Very nice. I Like the colour . I'm stuck on Chart B . Life is getting in the way and I really haven't got the patience to sort it out at the moment . Hoping to get back to it later this week .