Saturday, June 23, 2007

Finally finished my first shawl

Well, I finally finished my first of, no doubt, many Spring Things Shawls. I wasn't going to make the wedding deadline unless I ignored absolutely everything else (including personal hygiene) for a week when I couldn't afford to with too many things going on, so we did a different wedding gift. Then everyone was sick for a while. I finally finished this week. Here's a fairly lame live model shot. Lame because I've never done this before.

It seems a bit small for me (it would have been perfect for the petite young lady it was intended for though, I think) and which I am debating sending to a favorite relative who has been ill. I just can't decide if it looks good enough to send to her. I'm leaning towards it because I do think it is pretty and I also think I managed to avoid any mistakes. Or if I made any I made them consistently. And she's petite too so I think it would be ok size-wise. But she's an awesome knitter so I'm nervous.

Next up I think I'll do one in silk for me. But I've got an awful lot of socks on the needles at the moment and I'm not sure it is wise to start another shawl right away. I doubt that will stop me though. And starting another while the pattern is still in short term memory retrieval might be a good idea. Right?

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Beads, Beads Everywhere

Looks like quite a few of us are choosing the beads option. I just completed the first repeat of Chart B and am having to force myself to work today rather than trying to complete just one more row. This is the first "real" lace project that I've been able to stick with and I'm so excited to see this beauty blocked and being worn. I have a wedding to attend on the beach next weekend so hopefully I'll be able to share modeling shots with an ocean background!

More details on my blog.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Spring Things and Cherry Tree Hills

I just finished up my Spring Things Shawl last night. I haven't decided if I want beads on it or not. I love how it turned out without them so I may opt to skip that. I really enjoyed this pattern and the final result.

And I even tried it on for ya.

Want the details?

Started: April 17, 2007
Finished: June 4, 2007
Pattern: Spring Things Shawl
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock - The colorway is from one of their potluck batches