Monday, July 30, 2007

On To The Beads!

Thanks for the extra help in the comments of my last post.

I'm up to the second repeat of chart b. Coming along very nicely. So far only one mistake...not bad. I would correct it, but it's a yo one stitch off about 10 rows back. Not even going to attempt it. lol.
I may be brave enough to knit lace in front of an attention-seeking 20 month old, but I'm not stupid.

Friday, July 27, 2007

New Member Questions

After a few false starts, I'm finally moving along. This shawl has kicked my knitter's butt repeatedly, let me tell you.
Anyways, I'm on chart b. I purchased beads yesterday and plan on doing them, but I'm wondering where they should be placed- either at the nupp or at the p5tog.
Any help?
I use the crochet hook method, so I think the bead automatically drops down to the row below. I think it should go where the p5 tog is. Suggestions?
Also, I should omit the P5tog, correct?
FYI, I'm doing the shawl in Zephyr, colorway is bottle green. Lovely yarn.
Thanks for the help.