Sunday, August 5, 2007


All the frogging, all the tinking, all the frustrations are over! I get to wear this beautiful, soft, unique shawl. Although I had my issues with this project, I know that they were just that- my issues. The pattern is perfectly written and challenging.

Here's some photos:

It's done with Jaggerspun Zephyr in colorway Bottlegreen, with size 10/0 glass beads. I started it on July 19, frogged same day, restarted on July 20, 22, and (finally) 23rd. I got it off the needles on August 1, but had to tink the bind off and reknit on the 3rd. The photo above is me with the shawl. I wanted it for a wedding and was able to proudly show it off to everyone. That was last night, Aug. 4th.

All in all, I love this shawl. I might even enter it into my local fair. Thanks to everyone who answered my questions. You were a huge help.

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