Friday, May 11, 2007


I got tired of waiting for my hook. I discovered that some of the beads have larger holes and I managed to get my size 10 crochet hook through them. When I couldn't find any more that it would fit in, I fashioned a sort of lasso out of wire and used that lol. On my teal one I found the silver beads have square openings and if I turn the hook diagonally, it will just fit through! SO I started beading. I am on the second chart B repeat on the green one, and on the teal one, I just finished the first beading row. They look so much prettier in person but it's night so my pictures suck because of lighting. I can't wait to finish! I want to start my red one, and I'm going to do one in black Kidsilk Haze.


Deb in N TX said...

Isn't it fun when you get to start beading? This was my first beaded knitting project and I can't wait to do another one!
Hope your crochet hook arrives soon, I think I got mine from a Hobby Lobby or Michaels store - it was a pack of super small crochet hooks - like 5 different sizes in the package for $7

Hattie said...

Ah I didn't think of looking in a store. That's a pretty good deal! I'm so used to buying stuff online I suppose. I've done beading on other projects but always pre strung on the yarn. I like this better.