Sunday, May 27, 2007

Number three

I finally started a third one! I know I'm supposed to be doing one in red but I need a shawl to match this dress I've got. It's black kidsilk haze and I'm hoping to have enough to finish it the right size. I've only got two balls of it, so we'll see! Here it is a few repeats in. Slow going because my needles aren't pointy enough and the fuzz makes it hard to see. Plus I'm taking my time on this one as I've got a few other things to focus on as well. Sorry it's a tad blurry, I had to take it without flash or the pattern wouldn't show at all.

Any suggestions on what color beads I should do? I am thinking I might just do more silver ones since I already have them but am wondering what else might look good...


Opal said...

I think silver beads would really pop! Go for those. Or any other metallic beads.

simon said...

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