Monday, May 7, 2007

Started another one!

I love this shawl so much I already started a second one. I am almost to the next chart on the teal one, but I want my crochet hook before I start, so I started another. I am doing it on size fives since I don't have another size 4 and it's in the zephyr, color Emerald. I traded for a big ball of it and it's such a pretty color! This one will be for my mom since she loves green. By the time I get to the next chart on this one, my hook should hopefully be here and I can knit these together. I also much prefer knitting with my bamboo needle too, but I don't have one in a size four unfortunately.
Oh yeah, and just in case anyone else wanted to know. In the pattern it says that your shawl might turn out smaller (obviously) by switching to the size four needles with the zephyr. I didn't want it smaller so I emailed our lovely designer to see if one 60 gram ball would be enough to do extra repeats. She said there was almost 200 yards leftover, so there is more than enough to do extra body repeats before moving on to the next chart. So I'm going to do one or two more on my teal one to make up in size. Just thought I'd share in case anyone else was wondering also.


Frieda said...

Thanks for sharing . I'm doing mine in the zephyr as well ; I'm happy to know that I can do at least one or two more repeats of the second chart. Beautiful work , BTW.

Lauren said...

They both look great!

Hattie said...

Thanks guys!