Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Hey there! This is Lauren of Is it Time to Knit Yet? Even though I already have Icarus in progress, once I saw Susan's new pattern I knew I just had to knit it! If you've knit Susan's patterns before, you know just how fabulous they are. It's pretty simple, just join in and knit along - email me at wabbit64 at comcast dot net to join. For added motivation and because I'm feeling generous, the first person to post a picture of their finished shawl will receive a skein of Jaegerspun Zephyr. I know I'm not the only one who will be knitting this shawl, so hurry up and join me - I'm excited to see everyone's finished shawls :-)


Susan said...

I've knit three Spring Things shawls. Do I win the yarn????


Lauren said...

You definitely should get some yarn - LOL!

Emily said...

LOL Susan! I just ordered the pattern. I'll knit with you!