Friday, April 27, 2007

Made it to the 2nd chart!

Yahoo! - I made it to the 2nd chart. The last few pattern rows caused a little trouble for me - again, I don't know why. At any rate, I am putting in a lifeline before I start the new pattern chart in case my knitting handicap rears its ugly head again. Here's a pic of it so far, doesn't do it justice without blocking, but I do like the color and think it's gonna look great with the beads.

I have 2 colors of beads, unfortunately the battery on my camera died after taking this pic, but one is a pinkish purple color and the other is purple with an irridescent bluish cast.
When I get to that point, I'll thread yarn through both colors of beads and decide which one works better.


Frieda said...

I'm at the same point as you and have ripped row 5 back a couple of times. Good idea about the lifeline . Hang in -it'll be worth it in the end . Love the colour , by the way .

Hattie said...

It looks great!

This might be a little odd, but I know you said you didn't like it in the pink. I actually bought some pink alpaca a little while back with the intentions of joining this along and knitting the shawl. I found out today (while winding up a different ball of alpaca) that I am HIGHLY allergic to alpaca and now have nothing to knit with. Normally no prob, but I'm on one of those yarn no buying yarn. Ok anyway I was wondering, if you weren't planning on using the pink, would you be willing to trade it for something?
My email is Thanks either way :)

Lauren said...

Your shawl is looking great!