Thursday, April 5, 2007

I started too

I decided to use the pale green with cream Artyarns silk mohair with my new addi turbos lace needles size 3.75mm. I love these needles, they're great with the mohair in my yarn. This is such a pretty lace pattern, very soft. I had to go out last night, so didn't get much done, but I hope to knit on it today. I put the chart on a magnetic board to make following it easier, and I also inserted a small coiless safety pin in the center stitch to help anchor me. Is anyone else using aides?


Lauren said...

I'm glad you chose the Artyarns, I can't wait to see it! I don't usually use much of any aides, stitch markers tend to get in my way. The most I use is a piece of paper on top of my chart to cover up the rows worked already.

susan said...

You'll be happy to have those Addi lace needles when you get to the nupps!

Ronni said...

I'm using a magnetic board to hold the current chart blown up, and I've got little metal ring markers each side of the center stitch but I think they are slowing me down so kind of want to switch to something else except that the yarn over holes either side of the center stitch seem to be a bit bigger than others so I'm afraid if I lose the markers now I'll end up with an obvious difference. That probably won't stop me from switching to something else though. I'll just hope to block it out at the end.